• Hardware: Building and setting up new servers and workstations.

• Software: Installation and training for new users.

• Purchasing: Researching most economic solutions for your specific needs.
We do not oversell you.

• Troubleshooting: Experienced service calls. Figure out what’s wrong and getting it fixed.

• Networking: Share printers, documents, programs from one central server or from individual client computers. Routers, firewalls, print servers.

• Wireless Solutions: Securely network from building to building or office to office, where cables won’t reach.

• Security: Minimize risks from all net intrusions including viruses, trojans and spyware. Safeguard your network, keep your work safe.

• Backup: Multiple options for safeguarding your data. Allowing you peace of mind knowing there are many restore options for getting back up and running.

We really love our work. We immerse ourselves in the latest news and innovations daily. The magic is the attention to detail and the dedication we have to making sure you are satisfied with your results.

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