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    It is without hesitation that we recommend Merlin’s Computer Magic to anyone in need of computer help. We have used Kelly for repair and upgrading of both hardware and software, network troubleshooting and repair, and configuring shared devices. He has also built new computers for us to accommodate the exact needs for individual employee use. He never leaves our offices without testing everything for proper functionality ensuring we have the proper tools to keep our business running smoothly. His response time ranks the highest of anyone we have worked with previously. The helpful tips he offers delight us all. So whether you are in need of computer help, or just looking for a behind the scenes pro, Kelly is a fine source to have on the team.

    Teresa Ballard, AK&J Sealants

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    Merlin’s has been a blessing to us. When a job seemed too small for someone else, Kelly would be there to help. He went out of his way to make sure our computer systems were up and running, and not just running, but running at top speed, protected, and working sometimes over and above what the computers were made to do. Kelly would repair and upgrade our hardware and software, at a reasonable rate, and give so much more than any other computer service we have used in the past. I have changed jobs now and work for another company that has their own computer service company, they are constantly only doing the minimum amount of work so they come back again and again. More and more costs are expended for troubleshooting and repair. Kelly fixed things right the first time so he wouldn’t have to come back. He never would leave my office without testing that everything was functioning properly so that we could keep our business running. If he was unable to come to the office when we needed something, he would actually take the time to talk us through what ever needed to be done so we were back up and running again, even without a personal visit to our office. He always offers tips on how to keep our computers safe and secure. So if you are in need of computer help, or looking for someone to set up a large or small networking system to run your office, Kelly is an excellent source to put on your team. I would suggest him to any office that is looking for someone who cares as much about your computer systems as you care about your company.

    Linda Smith @ LJS Services

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    Kelly is the best!! He took apart and fixed our computer last year and NOW IT WORKS GREAT!!!!!
    He is also very patient with computer-challenged people like me. He is always available to help and explain. He is very experienced and knowledgeable in the computer field.

    Debbie Hunt

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    Kelly did a great job upgrading my computer with a new motherboard and hard drive. He also partitioned the hard drive and installed Linux at my request. He’s always quick to respond to questions or to help me troubleshoot. I highly recommend his services.

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    Sun Tech Glass, Inc’s entire technological advancement in the computer world is soley a product of Kelly’s expertise and hard work. We are very appreciative of everthing he has done for our company and we would recommend and have recommended his services to others. When we have had a problem, although rarely and usely due to our own doing, he has been available immediately to help us solve the problem.

    Vice President
    Sun Tech Glass, Inc.

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    I came in on a Monday morning and my computer would not turn on. Not, knowing the problem, I played musical desks for a few days trying to figure out who to call to fix our computers, (since we no longer had an IT guy). Well, jumping from desk to desk to get my work done got real old by Wednesday, to the point I was openly discussing my desperation with our customers, one of which happened to be AK&J Sealants. They obviosly felt my pain, and told me about Kelly. They got in touch with Kelly told him our problem and he called me right away, offering to come and take a look that same afternoon. So, he did, took the machine, called me not much longer after that told me the problem and what our cost would be and that he could get it back to us the next day. He did everything he said he would, and my computer has not skipped a beat since. It was a completely painless experience. Thanks for your help Kelly!

    Christina Boldizar

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  7. 07

    I highly recommend Kelly for all computer needs. He rebuilt mine and it is now running smoothly and at top speed. He even installed extra security (at my request) as to insure my safety. Kelly knows what he is doing and does it well!
    Thanks for everything Kelly!

    Kim Kempton

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  8. 08

    Kelly saved us from the dreaded dial up and set up our network. His service was excellent. We would recommend Kelly to anyone needing computer help.

    Arizona Wall Inc

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  9. 09

    Thankfully, I used to be neighbors with Kelly who rescued me from being a PC user and introducing me to the magical splendor of Macintosh!!! The best part is Kelly throughly understands both PC and Mac, so he could help ME understand how to navigate through both and optimally use my Mac at home and PC at school and work!! I am even able to call Kelly for advice from school, home or even when shopping for new software or my next mac!! Highly reccomended, AAA+++ from me!! No sad macs here!!!! Come back to Flagstaff!!! THANKS KELLY!!!!!

    Brooke Doherty

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  10. 10

    I had Kelly build a system for me with budget and speed in mind. He came up with both, that was over a year ago and the system is still fast and all is working fine. Kelly’s solutions as to display, security, etc. were all on the mark as to function and cost. That along with his general expertise and follow up allow me to recommend Kelly for any computer project which he would be willing to undertake. Thank you Kelly!

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  11. 11

    Our company has been using Kelly’s services for several years and we have complete confidence in his ability to always find and fix any problems that arise with our computers. He is very intelligent in this ever changing world of modern technology. I have never once called him with a question or concern that he has not jumped at the chance to help me get things figured out, usually within seconds my problems are resolved and if not, he is on his way !
    One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and outstanding quality service. We have recommended Kelly to many of our customers, friends and family and will continue to do so in the future. I have so much respect and admiration for your knowledge and talent Kelly….keep up the good work !
    Suzy Graffa

    Graffa Backhoe Service

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  12. 12

    Kelly fixed and fine tuned our computer, added components to make it more efficient and also links to get my web site seen by many more people. He is a genius in his field and I recommend him to anyone in need of his services.

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  13. 13

    This guy is amazing and so are his computers. He built us a computer that has been the best. When ever we have any problems he is only a phone call away. He goes out of his way to make sure we are up and running ASAP. Can’t say enough about how efficient he is. If you need a computer he is your man and you won’t be disappointed with your product. The technical support that you receive is worth a million dollars. Thanks Kelly for all your help.

    Estelle Belarde

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  14. 14

    There is not enough good things I can say about Kelly. He is extremely thorough,quick and efficent in getting my computer up and running and he always follows up to make sure things are continuing to go smoothly. He works with honesty and integrity and I completely trust him with all my computer needs. He is very knowledgable and up to date on all the latest computer info and he explains things to me in a way I can understand. I strongly recommend him to anyone with computer issues, large or small.

    Judy Robles

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  15. 15

    Kelly did a wonderful job in fixing my computer software and hardware. He was quick and solved all the problems I was having. He is extemely knowledgeable and he explains things in lay terms.Rates are reasonable. I highly recommend him for any computer problems you may be having.

    Gerry Price

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  16. 16

    Kelly knows his stuff, very smart knowledgeable person with computers. He can explain the best way to meet your needs. He walked me through several issues over the phone.
    I thought I lost tons of valuable information on two old computers. He save very important documents and pictures I thought were long gone. He down loaded everything back on my computer and it is now super fast ! I would recommend him and use him again for any computer needs I may have.

    Thanks Kelly

    Tom Fendley

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  17. 17

    Kelly was great, I had a laptop that acquired a virus and wasn’t working at all, Kelly immediately knew what was wrong. He also went out of his way to deliver the laptop to my house after fixing it and installed several needed programs. I would use Kelly for any computer problem and will recommend him to all of my family and friends.
    Suzanne McCormick

    Suzanne McCormick

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  18. 18

    When ever I need the best in the business, I call Kelly.

    He answers my call always!! thank goodness!!

    No one gives you immediate response like Kelly

    Thank you, Kelly!

    ginny mcmahon

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  19. 19

    I cannot say enough great things about Kelly. He fixed my computer quickly and came to my house to install it. It runs much smoother and quicker. Thank you very much for your great work, Kelly.

    Vicky Marriner

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  20. 20

    Kelly is fantastic he came to my house to install some programs that i couldn’t do myself something was wrong with my programs so he took it home with him and spent his own time to figure out what was wrong with it he figured it out and got it back to me in less time then he thought and added things that i needed for no extra cost and corrected problems on my computer he did this all for the same prise he quoted me

    Kelly is the best i will use him for all my computer problems

    THANKS KELLY!!!!!!

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  21. 21

    Kelly has done it again! We were in a time crunch. Our daughter needed to get back online for business reasons with WinXP badly degraded and infected as well. Her maintenance practices were never the best. Called Kelly and just as in the past he was the total professional bringing the project in ahead of time and under budget including an upgrade to Windows 7. He gave us every break he could and did not skimp on quality. I know because that was 3 months ago and his work is still solid as a rock. That’s twice now. Kelly clearly keeps up to date and always gives the very best that his knowledge and experience recommend for your situation. But I already knew after the first time that, as long as he is willing, I’ll be calling. Bless you Kelly. And thanks!

    Bob Flannagan

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