About Excellence

I am 48, first time father of a little girl (almost 6) I moved to Arizona, about seven years ago, from San Diego where I lived for about 20 years.
Around ’95 or so, I got a little computer and started exploring that world. A couple of years later, I broke my collarbone while snowboarding and couldn’t work for several months. So I connected my little computer to the internet. That’s it, I was gone! Lost in the big, big world of chatrooms, email joke forwards and the feeling of international presence.

My little computer was sorely lacking in about every way, so I spent a lot of time talking to tech support. Found I had an aptitude, a knack for this stuff. I started on a journey of learning that continues to this day. A joy of discovery that is constantly surprising, fulfilling and exciting!

I started working on my computer. Upgrading and replacing. Finding solutions where there didn’t seem to be any. Always asking questions until there came a day when I had an answer that tech support didn’t have. I became an equal. It’s been 14 years since that day and I have learned something about everyday since then.

I listen to about half a dozen tech podcasts. Read a few tech blogs. Love gadget podcasts and blogs. Read magazines like PC Magazine, MacWorld, etc. It’s enjoyable for me to stay on top of my trade. There is so much to know and I feel like I have only scratched the surface. I don’t know programming, I don’t do web design, I am not a hacker. I specialize on general computing. Sounds like an oxymoron, right?
I’m great at networking. I learned how to set things up so they stay stable. I’ve got some networks that I set up over 5 years ago that are still working, every single day. Troubleshooting hardware issues is something I really like doing. I’m pretty good at most software issues too, Windows XP, Office, QuickBooks, etc. DON’T ASK ME TO FIX NORTON! People, please stay away from norton! More problems are created by using it than ever get solved or prevented. There are many better options that don’t have the issues caused by norton.

I am also a union ironworker. I started walking beams high in the air when I was 19 years old and fell in love with a trade that combines pride, skill and character. Pride in doing a job well done, pride in the brotherhood of good people sharing common work ethic. I still do the work occasionally, only now its pretty specialized. Tower cranes are the big, capital “T”-shaped cranes that you see on new high rises being built. I travel around the country putting them up or taking them down. Run a crew of ironworkers, telling them what to do and trying to keep them alive. Lots of ways to get into trouble. Fortunately, I have learned from the best. This codgy old fart that grumps at me all day but has my best interest in the forefront of his mind.



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